Nefeli Kyriacou

Born in 1990, Nefeli Kyriacou is a dedicated visual artist. Currently she lives and creates between Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece.

Nefeli graduated from School of Fine Arts in the Department of Visual and Applied Arts at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (2013). Having been accepted at the 8th position, she was awarded with a scholarship for her studies. She holds a MA in Archaeology and History of Art from Aristotle university of Thessaloniki (2020).

Her passion is painting and installation. She is delighted to have presented her artworks in many team exhibitions in Greece and abroad (USA, Bulgaria, Belgium, Cyprus).

Her work focuses on people and how the conditions in which they are forced to live, or they have chosen to live, 'transform' them. Casual encounters with everyday people drive her inspiration. Abstracts of people with unique characteristics -that sometimes you may wonder if they really exist- create a collage that demonstrates Nefeli’s perspective on life. These people assume symbolic dimensions in her artworks. They emerge from her artworks as figures from a theatrical play.

Her inspiration may also draw on historical events that have defined humanity. Humans’ traces across history, and how they are realized today, or their future potentialities, intrigue her.

She encourages the viewers to gaze at her artworks trying as if they were mirrors of real life, trying to grasp their reflection. Her ambition is to depict them like contemporary saints that have the leading role in the play called life.

German Expressionism and Renaissance logic can be sensed in the cosmic character that shapes figures in Nefeli’s work too.

She has experimented with many materials like pastel, charcoals, markers, collage, engraving techniques, acrylics and oil colours. Pencils, light and paper have been her sole tools for the last 2 years.

She is a member of BluCats, Fire Art team and Pikap Community. She has participated in 2 residencies since 2018. Recently (fall of 2020) she earned the Gold Award in installation category in the international competition 'Without borders' organised by WUD (World University Of Design-India) with the artwork 'Pelican Blood'.


Born in 1990, Athens, Greece

2013 Studied painting in the  Faculty of Fine Arts, School of Visual and               Applied Arts AuTH, Greece

2020 Master degree in Archeology and History of Art AuTh, Greece

Lives and works in Greece


2020 Gold Award in installation category, 'Without Borders'                           international competition,WUD, India

2008 Awarded with a scholarship by IKY for having been accepted at               the 8th position on the exams entering the School of Fine Arts.


2021 GR Collectors, 1821, ΟΠΤΙΚΗ ΜΙΑΣ ΕΠΑΝΑΣΤΑΣΗΣ, online                exhibition, GR Collectors, Athens, Greece

2021 Florina Museum of Contemporary Art, Albert Camus: 865 letters,            curator: Nikolena Kalaintzaki, Florina, Greece (online exhibition) 

2021 Papanikolaou Hospital, Πάνδημες συνARTή
σεις, Fire Art Team,            Thessaloniki, Greece

2021 AHEPA Hospital, Πάνδημες συνARTήσεις, Fire Art Team,                     Thessaloniki, Greece

2020 Eye Altering Gallery, Alteration, Eye Altering Gallery,                           Thessaloniki, Greece

2020 Arte Visione, Portrait, Nikolena Klaintzaki, Athens, Greece

2020 Municipal Gallery of Thessaloniki, Pikap community-Art in                     Thessaloniki, Pikap community, Thessaloniki, Greece

2019 Townhall of Thessaloniki, 100 years since genocide of the                     Pontians 1919-2019, Fire Art team, Thessaloniki, Greece

2019 Wisedog, Red Project, BluCats team, Larissa, Greece

2019 Toss Gallery, Differentials, BluCats team, Thessaloniki, Greece

2019 GloArt, Open Air Gallery, GloArt, Lanaken, Belgium

2018 ArtBox Project, 1.8, ArtBox Project, New York, USA

2018 Art Noise, Contemporary art for Down Syndrome,                                 Art Noise, Thessaloniki, Greece

2017 Kahramanoglou factory, Human-colour-iron 10, Chamber of Fine             Arts of Greece, Athens, Greece

2017 KINONO, The Art Exhibition Project, Fall Festival, Athens,Greece

2016 Lola Nicolaou Gallery, RemBrandName, Long Vehicle Team,                 Thessaloniki, Greece

2016 Technohoros Gallery, RemBrandName, Long Vehicle team,                   Athens, Greece

2016 Kahramanoglou factory, Human-colour-iron 9, Chamber of Fine               Arts of Greece, Athens, Greece

2016 Is Not Gallery, Lush Art in Austere Times, Is Not Gallery, Nicosia,           Cyprus

2015 Whitdel Arts, Fall Out, Whitdel Arts, Detroit, USA

2015 Artis Causa, Quar-t: miniature exhibition, Artis Causa,                           Thessaloniki, Greece

2014 Gallery of the Arts of Kazanlak ISKRA4, Second International                   Contemporary Miniprint of Kazanlak, Kazanlak, Bulgaria

2014 Teloglion Foundation, Loukas Venetoulias                                             exhibition/competition, Teloglion foundation,
         Thessaloniki, Greece
2014 MoMus, Graduation Exhibition, Faculty of Fine Arts, School of               visual and applied arts, Thessaloniki, Greece

2014 City of Athens Cultural Organisation, Resist now, Chamber of                 Fine Arts of Greece, Athens, Greece

2014 Vlassis Art Gallery, Presenting Thessaloniki's engraving studios,             Thessaloniki, Greece

2014 MoMus, Active Art in Action II, Thessaloniki, Greece

2013 Aggelon Vima, To the point, Faculty of Fine Arts, School of visual           and applied arts, Thessaloniki, Greece

2013 Artis Causa, Endixis, Faculty of Fine Arts, School of visual and                 applied arts, Thessaloniki, Greece

2013 Christos Tsakiris Culture Crenter, ANAKA-taxi 5, IRIS, Thessaloniki

2011 Alatza Imaret, Apo-pires, Municipality of Thessaloniki,                           Thessaloniki

2010 Gallery Container, Ligo prin ligo meta, Faculty of Fine Arts,                   School of visual and applied arts, Thessaloniki, Greece


2013 Byzantine Museum of Thessaloniki, Lets knit because it is a family           business, George Tsakiris, Thessaloniki, Greece


2020 Airo Residency, organised by Cold Bench online Gallery                           Milan Italy

2018 GloArt Residency, organised by GloArt foundation, Lanaken,                     Belgium


Member of Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece since 2013

Member of BluCats team, Fire Art team and Pikap Community

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